June 2, 2023

121 Finance goes live on OCEN enabled GeM Sahay

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Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], October 27: 121 Finance, an RBI registered NBFC, focused on Short Term Working Capital Finance, has become one of the first lenders on GeM SAHAY and hence one of the earliest adopters of OCEN (Open Credit Enablement Network). This Government e-Marketplace SAHAY initiative brings a complete financing solution for sole proprietors to avail instant, frictionless financing to help fulfil government orders. With this, 121 Finance joins ICICI Bank and UGRO capital on this platform.

121 Finance has built a proprietary technology stack that can provide end-to-end digital loans as low as Re.1. Passionate about Working Capital Management, Dr Ravi Modani founded 121 Finance, now present in 86 cities across the country. 121 Finance offers various innovative products ranging from Invoice Discounting to Factoring; Purchase Finance to Credit Coverage solutions like 121 Smart Credit as Channel Finance from Distributors to Dealers.

GeM Sahay opens up a multibillion-dollar opportunity with almost 50 lakh products, a transaction value of Rs.147,000 crores, and 29 lakh registered suppliers. “Going live on GeM Sahay also opens a huge opportunity to act as co-lending partners and tech-enabled lending partners to various banks. Being able to disburse a loan in less than 10 minutes of the application being made is a showcase of the technical competence, agility, maturity, and disruption in Trade Finance with innovative, customised solutions. 121 Finance uses its own proprietary algorithm named RACE(™), which is based on machine learning to enhance the deliverables and also underwrite risk, without the involvement of human emotion.”, says Dr. Ravi Modani, Founder & CEO, 121 Finance.

Shri Prashant Kumar Singh, CEO Government eMarketplace, says, “It is great to have 121 Finance onboard to provide cash flow based loans. Purchase order financing will help MSMEs accept larger purchase orders and hence provide a boost to economic activity.”

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