March 26, 2023

Entrepreneur Diogo Custodio- Handsome hunk from California

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February 24: When you look at Diogo Custodio on Instagram, a tall, handsome, well-built man, you will definitely feel like he is one of those sassy young stars who never talks straight face, but this is not the case with him. He is presently at the bottleneck of his career and has worked with many national and international brands. He has also been a model and also featured as a star participant on the reality show “The Bachelorette”. Even after all his huge achievements Diogo still manages to be so humble and down to earth you can only fall in love looking at his powerful yet so humble personality. This is because life hasn’t always been a piece of cake for this young influencer.

Born and raised in Brazil, he has seen hard times as a child. At some stage in his life, through his teenage years, his family encountered severe financial hardship and they barely managed to buy their two meals of the day. From being so poor to being in the hearts of millions of people around the world Diogo Custodio has come a long way. He fought poverty and earned a scholarship for a Master’s Degree in Europe, where he lived for 3 years. Then later on all started when he moved to California, earned a Doctoral Degree in International Business from the San Diego University, and started building his career as a business professional working for big corporations, also becoming a social media influencer and a model. He got his first breakthrough when he was called to become part of the famous TV show “The Bachelorette” and starred as a star contestant on the show. He was widely loved on the TV series and gained a lot of popularity overnight. Presently he has more than 90k followers on his instagram @hellodiogo where he actively posts pictures from his latest photoshoots and his travel diaries.

Diogo also is engaged on social work. From volunteer work helping children in Africa, to being a philanthrope in his home country Brazil, to being daily involved helping the homeless community in the USA, Diogo knows where he came from and now wants to give it back. Everyone has dreams but dreams are achieved not only by dreaming but actually working for it. The people who achieve their dreams are the ones who devote their life to that dream. Entrepreneur and Model Diogo Custodio is one such personality who has achieved his childhood dream of becoming a successful person through his sheer determination and hard work. He is proud to state that he cleaned public restrooms for a long time before becoming a business director in big corporations. Young entrepreneurs and social media influencers should learn from success stories.

“Back in Brazil I always used to dream of becoming a successful person one day so that I can fulfill not only mine but also my family’s dreams. When I came to California I worked hard and tirelessly in the pursuit of my dream. To all the young influencers out there it is my appeal that never back down. Even when all the odds are against you, keep working hard and be determined to get to the top. If you work honestly in pursuit of your dreams, success will only be a matter of time. Also, be compassionate, kind and give back” shares Entrepreneur Diogo Custodio.

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