June 7, 2023

Expert tarot card reader Sonnia bestowed with Women Iconza Award 2022

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March 8: Sonnia has been one of India’s most lauded tarot card readers for a long time. She is a one-stop solution for solving all facets of an issue that you weren’t consciously aware of through her cards, Yoga & meditation or even Bach flower remedies. Sonnia’s expertise and contribution were recognized once again when she was recently awarded at the prestigious women Iconza 2022 Awards for being the ‘Iconic tarot card reader in India.’

The ceremony was held on 3rd March 2022 MG Motor India, Mumbai and was attended by eminent dignitaries from various fields. The guest of honour was a well-known social worker & people leader Ms. Ruta Jitendra Awhad & a distinguished actress of the TV industry Ms. Pooja Gor. The event was held to honour our society’s unstoppable women and was powered by Times applaud. Sonnia thanked the jury and everyone and said that if someone wants to achieve what they want, then always follow the 3Ds in life- ‘Discipline Dedication and Determination. These aspects play a very important role in one’s success.

The dedicated and disciplined Tarot card Sonnia has certainly grown from strength to strength over the past 25 years in terms of popularity. She has an eye to see a situation with powerful precision. Her amazing unique skills have earned her a dedicated range of followers, including many TV celebrities who have a firm belief in her predictions.

As a disciplined Yoga and meditation preacher, Sonnia is also a Faculty at Art of Living Sri Sri Sanskar Kendra. She has done her Master’s degree in Yoga Ayurveda and naturopathy from Sri Sri University at Bhubaneshwar. By Guru’s grace, she has been doing Tarot Card reading practice and Crystal healing for guidance and help to the people. Recently, the skilled tarot card reader has added the new Bach flower remedies to her credentials as an alternative or complementary treatment used for healing people’s emotional problems and pains.

Her spiritual journey started when she delivered her daughter. She did her yoga session to heal her post-delivery backache and joined the Gurumai meditation program. Her in-born intuitive sense helped her a lot while building her expertise in tarot card reading. Well versed in Isha Yoga, she recalls that the godlike call of her Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar in 2009 let her enter into the divine world of Art of living. She has mostly completed all courses there but still attends the programs on a regular basis. She was a part of the Art of living, an advanced course in 2018, which took place at Kailash Mansarovar. Since then, she goes in the same silent meditative program twice a year. According to Sonnia, “When you meditate, your intuitive power increases, and you are more connected with angels (Devta’s/Hindu God) or inner voice or soul.”

In a tarot card reading, it’s the guidance or energy that provides clarity about perfect timing to make a crucial decision. Sonnia follows a strict fitness regime and has been into organic food for the past couple of decades. She believes it is important for a good tarot card reader to keep your Body, Mind and Energy balanced. It helps you connect to angels more precisely. Apart from the above qualities, Sonnia is an ardent reader and a kind human. She does many free-of-cost Tarot sessions for people in need. https://instagram.com/tarotbysonnia?utm_medium=copy_link

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