July 16, 2024

The Makers of ‘Hellaro’ Unveil their upcoming Gujarati Feature Film – ‘Kamthaan’

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Get Ready for a Laughter-Filled Adventure as ‘Kamthaan’ Hits Theatres on 2nd February 2024

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], January 26:  Following the tremendous success of the National Award-Winning film ‘Hellaro,’ Harfanmaula Films, in collaboration with PAM Studio, proudly introduces their new film- ‘Kamthaan.’ Directed by debutant filmmaker Dhrunad, this film promises to be a ride full of laughter and thrill, tailored for audiences of all ages.

Adapted from the bestselling novel by celebrated Gujarati author Ashwinee Bhatt, ‘Kamthaan’ unfolds a captivating story around a petty thief who accidentally robs the house of a police inspector. What follows is a hilarious game of cat and mouse, as the police race to recover stolen goods, while a community of thieves rallies to protect one of their own. The ensuing chaos and confusion form the core of ‘Kamthaan.’

Building on the critical and commercial success of their previous film, ‘Hellaro,’ which secured the ‘Swarna Kamal’ for Best Feature Film at the National Film Awards in 2019, the team is set to captivate audiences once again. 

Kamthaan is poised to be a delightful family entertainer, seamlessly blending laughter and thrill. The star-studded cast, featuring Hitu Kanodia, Sanjay Goradia, Darshan Jariwalla, Arvind Vaidya, Deep Vaidya, Krunal Pandit, Tejal Panchsara, and Shilpa Thaker, breathe life into their characters with their stellar performances. 

‘Kamthaan’ brings a fresh approach to the comedy genre, offering a unique take on the classic cat-and-mouse dynamic. Tailored to resonate with the audience’s Gujarati roots, the film provides an authentic portrayal of the Gujarati heartland. Acting as a cultural bridge, it connects viewers to nostalgic memories while ensuring characters that appeal universally.

Director Dhrunad enthusiastically expresses, “We’ve poured our hearts into bringing Ashwinee Bhatt’s novel to life on the silver screen, and we’re confident that audiences will connect with the characters and the narrative in a profound way.”

‘Kamthaan’ is set to hit theaters on 2nd February 2024. With expectations soaring after the success of ‘Hellaro,’ fans are eagerly awaiting this laughter-filled cinematic adventure. Brace yourselves for a rollicking good time.