July 16, 2024

From Regional Manager to Serial Exporter: Deepak Singh’s Inspiring Journey with Bhagirath Goswami

1 min read

Surat (Gujarat) [India], January 29: In a recent podcast, the Founder of Being Exporter Bhagirath Goswami welcomed Deepak Singh, to share his inspiring success story. Originally from Indore, Deepak transitioned from an 8-year career as a regional manager to becoming a successful serial exporter.

Deepak’s journey began with a realization that his job couldn’t fulfill his dreams, leading him to explore the export business. After connecting with Being Exporter on social media, he found the platform aligned with his goals and aspirations.

Having ventured into agriculture, Deepak emphasized the importance of connecting with farmers and understanding the procurement process. He commended the Being Exporter community for providing essential knowledge and support. Deepak’s story reflects the transformative power of export business, dispelling fears and highlighting the potential for success.

He encourages aspiring exporters to select a product wisely, continuously learn, and embrace the export world. Deepak envisions a future where his export business evolves into a 500 crore company within the next ten years. The podcast serves as a source of inspiration for those seeking to enter the world of exports.