July 21, 2024

StockGro Celebrates International Women’s Day with the Rollout of Menstrual Leave Policy in the Organisation

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StockGro is marking an important milestone by initiating a menstrual leave policy to foster a healthier environment for female team members.

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], March 8:  On the occasion of International Women’s Day, StockGro made a significant stride by introducing a Menstrual Leave Policy. This policy, addressing a crucial yet often neglected aspect of workplace inclusivity, underscores StockGro’s unwavering dedication to promoting gender equality and enhancing the well-being of its female employees through tangible and substantial support.

Acknowledging the physical discomfort and challenges associated with menstruation, which can impair focus and productivity, StockGro offered women the option to take one day off each month during their menstrual cycle. This initiative highlighted StockGro’s understanding and respect for women’s health concerns, ensuring they no longer have to endure discomfort to meet work obligations.

Designed to be accessible to every woman at StockGro, this policy clearly manifests the company’s core value of inclusivity. By streamlining the process of taking menstrual leave and eliminating the need for medical documentation, StockGro has prioritised the privacy and dignity of its female team members.

Ajay Lakhotia, StockGro’s founder, emphasised the initiative’s importance, stating, “Our objective was to nurture a workplace culture that supports every individual, particularly by recognising and addressing the specific needs of women. We hope this initiative encourages other organisations to reflect on and improve how they support their teams.”

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