October 1, 2023

TTN- Shopify for Automotive Garages to expand in India, ASEAN

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Pune (Maharashtra) [India], March 29: Tight The Nut (TTN), a Pune-based automotive technology company that is revolutionising the way the unorganised automotive industry works, is expanding in South East Asia. The company already provides solutions in 32 states and union territories in India.

Tight The Nut, a B2B Garage-tech startup, is a mobile-first solution that digitally enables the local and multi-brand garages, spare parts and ancillary retailers. Its advanced customer relationship management (CRM) solution offers in-app analytics that assists garage owners in becoming more efficient and growing their businesses. TTN Garage, which is available directly on Google Play, also helps 2Wheeler OEMs and Ancillary Companies gain access to aftermarket intelligence and increase the sales of genuine parts. Its other innovative offering is Remind-S, a free reminder app that enables garages to send various reminder SMS to customers while also assisting with payment collection.

“We are building a complete digital ecosystem with the help of intelligent products that will allow all stakeholders to interact seamlessly with one another. We see a great opportunity for our unique offerings and are expanding our presence in India and Indonesia. We are also working on plans to expand to other markets in ASEAN (The Association of Southeast Asian Nations). We are also working with one of the top 3 OEMs. In India & Indonesia,” said Azam Shaikh, Founder and CEO of TTN and a seasoned automotive industry professional with over 11 years of experience.

TTN Garage, which comes with features such as digital job cards, digital Invoices, customer, inventory & vendor Management, and much more, is presently used by more than 10,000 garages across India and Indonesia. Invoices worth more than Rs. 140+ crore have been generated using the one-of-its-kind platform for over five lakhs+ vehicles. It provides unlimited job cards and service reminders to vehicle owners thru TTN Garage.

“TTN Garage is a simple yet effective solution that helps garage owners make better business decisions. It is currently available in more than nine languages in India and Indonesia, with more languages to follow as we grow into other countries. We are also pursuing the B2B commerce market for these garages, which is estimated to be worth $23 billion in India alone.” TTN Co-Founder and CFO Gaurav Sandhya stated.

As it looks to expand within the country and overseas, TTN has built a strong team of highly skilled and motivated professionals having diverse experience in automotive, startups, strategy, finance, and other specializations.

TTN has created a strong team of highly qualified and driven experts with diversified experience in automotive, startups, strategy, finance, and other disciplines as it strives to expand both domestically and internationally.

“We have an 11-person full-time team operating across the country.” Gaurav continued, “The main team is based in Pune, where TTN was incubated.”

TTN has established a strong footprint in the digital ecosystem and has been approached twice for acquisitions. The company previously raised an angel fund and is currently in talks with prominent investors for a larger round.

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