July 18, 2024

‘Mera Hoke Bhi Mujhse’- Imran Abidi Open Up More About His Song

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Q1. Tell Me About Your First New Song, Mera Hoke Bhi Mujhse.

Hello everyone, first of all, let me start by thanking a few people, my Producers, Mr. Ali Akbar Sultan and Ali Abbas Sultan, my agency Think Big Entertainment for promoting me and  all my viewers who supported me and appreciated my work. I am extremely grateful for their support and faith in me.  This song is written by Mr.Faaiz Anwar Sahab, one of the great lyricists, and composed by very talented, Farzan Faiz.  It was an honor working with him as he understood my ability and pened down the heart touching lyrics.

It basically talks about a sad love story, where the boy shares his heart-wrenching experience with his girlfriend’s changing behavior, which directs him toward her betrayal and reluctance to be in a relationship. It’s a sad melody, so the boy is completely devastated and is expressing his pain through….Mera hoke bhi mujhse rahe tu juda juda.

Q2. Your Experience While Singing.

This is officially my first ever Professional song, although I have performed in my schools and college functions. As this was an official one, I was going through mixed feelings that is a weird blend of nervousness and confidence. However, I had my entire team to back on. Throughout the journey, my producers, music director, and lyricist all were there for my moral support and by God’s grace all went well. I enjoyed the song while recording and tried to give my best. It takes 2 to 3 days to complete a song, but it was so mesmerizing and so beautifully written that I completed it in 1 day. The music and composition were really soothing. Overall, it was the best experience.

Doing something you keenly desire to makes you happier and content.

Q3. Your Association With Think Big Entertainment.

Think Big Entertainment is a company own by Mr. Ali Abbas Sultan Ahmed & Mr. Ali Akbar Sultan Ahmed. We first met when I was at a place to recite some religious supplication. Consequently, a few meetings were held, and eventually, we signed a contract and now I’m a exclusive artist with Think Big Entertainment and  I sincerely believe that Think Big Entertainment has a healthy atmosphere where one can give one’s personal opinions. The owners are friendly, accepting, and guarantee my comfort level. Our association till date has been extremely fruitful and healthy.

Q4. Your Experience With Singing For Sultan Production.

First of all it was a great Honour and privelage to sing for  such a renowned banner  of the Indian film industry ” Sultan Productions” where legends likes Mohammed Rafi sahab , Lata ji , Kishore ji and many other legend singers have lend their are voice for the films of Sultan productions.

I am grateful to Sultan Productions for giving me an opportunity to sing for their single, Mera hoke bhi mujhse. It was an honor to sing for them. Where ever I go in life, this opportunity given to me by Sultan Productions and my agency think Big Entertainment will always be close to my heart. I wish them all the very best in their future endeavors.

Q5. How Were You Inspired To Sing?

Music shouldn’t be just a tune, it should be a touch.” Singing is what I have been doing since I was a small kid, it’s genetic. My vocals were clear from the day I was born. I have not even taken any classes as of now. In fact, my father’s voice is more beautiful and charming than mine. It’s a God’s gift to my family for which we will always be grateful to the Lord almighty.