February 1, 2023

Connect and Heal onboards Tech Leadership Team to Transform Healthcare in India

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Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], April 30: Connect and Heal, a leading health-tech company providing end-to-end coordinated care, has announced appointments of Chandan Kumar as Director of Engineering; Sandeesh S as Director – Engineering; and Ashish Kumar as Associate  Director – Engineering. These appointments are part of the company’s efforts to build a technology-first healthcare platform which will solve the complex challenges plaguing the healthcare ecosystem in india.

Founded in 2016 by Sanjay Vinayak, Galveender Kaur, and Elwinder Singh, Connect and Heal offers effective healthcare programs to large to medium corporates in India. Prashant Kashyap joined as the Cofounder and COO in 2022. Connect and Heal recently hired Parasar Sarma as its CMO, followed by hiring for several leadership roles in product management, design & business operations.

Chandan Kumar, Director, Design Engineering comes with 18 years of work experience across IT services, startups and independent consulting. His most recent stint was at Thoughtworks where he worked with a London-based healthcare startup to scale up their technology platform by breaking down monolith architecture into microservices. He also worked on a project for a Norwegian chemical company to create a curated social-network for Thai smallholder farmers, and an American worldwide clothing and accessories retailer to modernise their legacy platform.

Talking about his appointment, Chandan said, “At Connect and Heal, I see a tremendous opportunity to use my know-how to contribute to peoples’ health. We are working in a Mission Mode with the aim of becoming the most patient-centric healthcare platform in India by 2030.”

Sandeesh S, Director Of Engineering in his last role as CTO for Smart Cricket Global Ltd, he pioneered the development of the world’s first motion sense technology based Live Broadcast Solution for Cricket. It captures comprehensive real-time batting data for live TV broadcast, analytics, audience engagement and has been successfully implemented in renowned Cricket leagues like Abu Dhabi T10 2021 and Bangladesh Premier League 2022. On his joining Sandeesh S commented, “I love building products and services from scratch. With Connect and Heal, I see an incredible opportunity to improve the healthcare experience of millions of Indians.”

Ashish Kumar joined as the Assistant Director Of Engineering. Over the last decade, Ashish has conceptualised and led the engineering in various projects across health, recruitment, gaming domains at various startups. He was a part of the founding team of PlayFantasy which was acquired by JungleeGame. It was renamed as Howzat and acquired by Flutter Entertainment. Ashish added, “Connect and Heal is a brand with a vision to transform the healthcare delivery in India. I believe there is a need to improve the healthcare ecosystem through cutting-edge healthcare technology platforms. I am excited about the journey ahead.”

Speaking about appointments, Prashant Kashyap added, “As a technology-driven health management company, being patient centric is of utmost need. For a digital healthcare platform like us, it is critical to come across as a usable, holistic, responsive and informative platform. Ranging from online consultations with doctors, delivery of prescription medicines, booking of diagnostic tests to corporate healthcare services. Our goal is to bolster these efforts through a strong tech leadership team that has experience with massive scaling up of solutions .”

About Connect and Heal

Connect and Heal is an integrated health-tech company with a presence in over 60 cities and registered offices in over 5 cities. It provides 360-degree health care through its core, multidisciplinary, in-house team of 800+ doctors backed by a preferred network of 6000+ ambulances, hospitals, specialist clinics, and 3,500+ diagnostic centres and pharmacies across 60+ Indian cities. Notably, the company is also the largest aggregator of ambulances with more than 4000 vehicles.

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