February 1, 2023

Delphi Infotech and TitanHQ Announce New VAD Partnership

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Delphi Infotech and TitanHQ Announce New VAD Partnership Providing Business with Leading Email Security.

May 19: TitanHQ has announced the new, strategic partnership with New Delhi based MSP, Delphi Infotech. Delphi Infotech has partnered with TitanHQ to become a value-added distributer for India. Email security solutions are now more essential than ever in order to protect businesses from malicious email threats. More than 90% of data breaches in 2021 had occurred due to phishing attacks.

SpamTitan is an industry-leading email security solution that blocks all email threats including malware, phishing, ransomware, CEO spoofing, BEC, and can identify malicious links in emails.

The CEO of Delphi Infotech comments on the new partnership with SpamTitan, saying, “Since partnering with TitanHQ with SpamTitan Email Security, we have seen an elevated level of phishing protection for our clients. Our clients are much happier with SpamTitan. It has excellent email filtering abilities, affordable pricing and deployment process to clients was seamless thanks to the brilliant support staff.”

About Delphi Infotech

Delphi Infotech is an IT consulting company headquartered in New Delhi, India, specializing in cloud security solutions. Founded in 2017, the company went from providing services in a select few states within India to catering to organizations across APAC in four years. Delphi Infotech envisions helping companies across the globe in leveraging their IT infrastructure and ensuring the utmost security of their systems. With a customer-centric focus, the company aims at providing proactive services to all its clients as per their specific needs and preferences. Its goal is to help businesses optimize technologies to get the traction they desire.

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