July 16, 2024

Broadband Plans Perfect for Streaming in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], February 3: In 2021, ACT Fibernet introduced its broadband service, ACT SmartFiber. Other ISP providers face fierce competition from ACT SmartFiber’s array of plans, perks, and broadband rates. ACT Fibernet plans provide a number of enticing benefits, including affordable monthly plans that begin at ₹525 and include unlimited high-speed internet. Disney + Hotstar, Zee5, YuppTv, and Sunnxt are all accessible with plans priced at ₹650. Plans priced at ₹1199 and higher also include Netflix access at no extra cost.

ACT Broadband Plans for Streaming

ACT Fibernet currently offers four entertainment broadband plans in Hyderabad, each of which includes a unique set of services in addition to high-speed Internet access. Let’s look at the ACT Fibernet broadband plans in Hyderabad in more detail.

  1. The ACT Max 650, which offers 40 Mbps for 650/month, is the most affordable entertainment plan and comes with a free router and OTT apps like Disney + Hotstar, Zee 5, and Yupptv at no extra cost. 
  2. ACT Max 899 offers 100 Mbps for 899 and comes with a free router and OTT apps like Disney + Hotstar, Zee 5, Yupptv at no extra cost. 
  3. ACT Max 1199 Entertainment + streaming is power packed with all OTTs apps that you’ll need. It offers 150 Mbps for 1199, and comes with a free router and OTT apps like Netflix, Disney + Hotstar, Sony Liv, Zee 5, Yupptv at no extra cost! With these entertainment plans, ACT Fibernet users can enjoy the latest and popular releases on these OTT apps like Berlin on Netflix, Loki on Disney + Hotstar, Rocket Boys S2 on Sony Liv, Tarla on Zee5 and many more!
  4. Finally, their fourth entertainment plan, ACT Max Giga Entertainment + streaming, comes with speeds of 1gbps and a free router, and OTT apps like Netflix, Disney + Hotstar, Sony Liv, Zee 5, and Yupptv at no extra cost.

ACT SmartFiber – 

ACT Fibernet has analysed real-time feedback from users in its innovation labs and continuously worked to improve its traffic patterns, data centres, last-mile connectivity, and in-home experience. With continuous iterative improvements in every aspect of technology, from network architecture, fast convergence, scalability, and adoption of the new evolution of technologies around the globe – ACT SmartFiber® is not just a wire into your home, but a gateway to superior internet usage experience. ACT SmartWiFi® technology, powered by WiFi6 routers, ensures increased speeds for your devices (by up to 38%) and also enables more devices to connect simultaneously. Its new intelligent protocols ensure that for each device there is optimised bandwidth available so that performance for all your applications is optimised to the maximum. Below are the advantages of ACT’s Smart Wi-Fi enabled by WiFI 6, which is designed to give the quickest WiFi to all of your devices connected:

  1. Performance upgrade in multi-device homes: ACT SmartWifi powered by wifi6 employs frequency division multiple access (OFDMA), a significant feature that boosts overall Wifi performance. It ensures that different devices which have varying bandwidth needs (i.e. streaming vs. browsing) , get their required wifi bandwidth.  i.e. a streaming device will be optimised for higher bandwidth, while a mobile with text chat/email usage will be optimised differently. So overall, wifi bandwidth is smartly utilised. 
  2. Better speeds and range: In a dual-band configuration, ACT Smartwifi powered by WiFi 6 upgrades the number of streams to a record high of 12 across the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, whereas WiFi 5 has an 8-stream maximum. Devices with WiFi 6 get up to  38% boost in performance over their WiFi 5 equivalents.
  3. Built for smart homes and offices: WiFi 6 has been built to facilitate an expansion in gadgets without slowing down your WiFi connection. 
  4. Superior streaming: WiFi 6 routers are capable of delivering numerous high-definition video sessions without the lagging, blurring, or other unpleasant problems that older WiFi technology suffers from.

Optimised for Videos:

With the increase in video streaming, there is a strong need for better speeds, data, and optimizations for video streaming. ACT SmartFiber® is optimised for video – both on streaming video (like YouTube) as well as interactive video (like Zoom/Teams calls). With this technology, you will get the best video experience for all activities like streaming movies or shows, attending a video conferencing for work or school, or surfing all at the same time.

ACT Fibernet explores all avenues to bring content in the most optimised path allowing users to stream with extremely low latency on streaming video. Some of the steps taken are constantly scanning for popular destinations by looking at traffic patterns and working with various content providers to deliver the best experience. This involves technological innovations in smart caching, peering, and other robust traffic routing technologies. 

ACT’s SmartFiber technology has also accounted for larger screens and increasing usage of smart TVs, and the fact that it consumes more bandwidth. ACT SmartFiber technology ensures that the streaming is optimised for Smart TVs, ensuring a phenomenal viewing experience in 4K, with no buffering and lags, so that users can continue to enjoy movies and shows. 24*7. For interactive video – which demands a low jitter, low packet loss, and extremely low-latency network performance for a seamless video experience, ACT SmartFiber® constantly monitors these parameters at an application and location level to provide superior video calling experience on Zoom/other popular VC apps.

ACT Fibernet provides city-specific 3, 6, and 12-month plans with a range of perks like free installation, greater data use caps, and free internet cycles. You can request a new connection for comprehensive information, and the support staff will provide you with facts specific to your location and service availability.

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