July 12, 2024

Mohit Kamboj Reflecting on Travel as a Source of Inspiration

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  Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 22: Mohit Kamboj, also known as Mohit Bharatiya, embarked on an intense around-the-world trip and shed some light on his recollections as an elite source of travel inspiration. Being an ardent supporter of the arts he also skilfully merged his fondness with diverse cultures for this of his exquisite endeavour. He became a spectator at busy cafés or doused himself in native artefacts markets, wandered around the country parks or visited modern art museums wherever he voyaged. Hence, in this article, we will magnify the distinct viewpoint of Mohit Kamboj that showcases how travel and creativity correspond to each other.


Mohit Kamboj, as Mohit Bharatiya beyond being a highly influential personality, has always redefined the conventional type with his actions. This time with a strong sense of expedition, he introduced the world with the concept of “Sensory Upload” helpful in arousing the creative mind. He acknowledges that travel can alter and reform and therefore stated that while routines are potent in observing responsibilities, they can lead to monotony sometimes and curb one’s innovative spirit. In such a case, travel proves to be a boon in separating cognitive boundaries and initiating the evolution of dynamics in the thought process. So whether one is conferring in the busiest market or puzzling out public transport, the vision will always be novel.

According to Mohit Kamboj, sensation-based adventure is another name for travelling that familiarizes us with a completely different dimension comprising tastes, textures, sounds, and sights. By witness a surplus of senses, not only creativity is provoked vigorously, but we also get a chance to gauge new concepts or place former ones in a new light. Knowing that a human brain imbibes plenty of fresh data each time it is in an unacquainted environment, this enhanced sensory knowledge helps establish links between untapped stimuli.


Mohit Kamboj became an exploration aficionado who socialized with a vast range of cultures and considered it as a golden possibility to look at the world from a new outlook. He has always believed that as a traveller you learn about community standards and human conduct in a better way. You perceive as well as participate in customs, celebrations, and even daily chores of living. He confirms the impact that these sorts of rendezvous which lead one towards analysing deeply and interrogating biased opinions, making way for forward-thinking is massive.

Travel can let you be in solitude throughout cultural exchange, such as a peaceful epoch on a pristine beach, a rock mountain climb, or spending some time introspecting looking outside the train’s window. Mohit Kamboj understands the significance of these little moments and how they enable you to contemplate the vastness of life consciously. He underscores that absorbing events and emotions hits differently when alone, and this later results in profound breakthroughs. Considering these facets during each voyage will lend you a canvas for self-scrutiny and creative genius.


Mohit Kamboj was successful in decoding the ways to suffice the quest for creativity. He presented some of the most invaluable lessons directed upon his travel journey. Number one was fostering the agile mindset with optimism. Mohit believes that in order to unearth cutting-edge viewpoints and concepts, individuals need to become perceptive, make enquiries, and engross themselves in the trip experience all while being in the moment. 

Another tip that Mohit Kaboj shared from his know-how is utilizing penmanship as a vital component of your trip routine. A trip diary can be your cherished treasure that will serve as a means for re-visiting events and conserving memories. Whether via writing, drawing, or storing things like tickets and leaves, he assures that this method, besides oozing the spirit of the voyage, will also allow you a fountain of inspiration on all re-visits you make.

Moreover, Mohit also suggests travellers bump into the most underrated or lesser-known locations. He believes that going off the planned itinerary once in a while can take you closer to some of the most mind-boggling experiences of your life ever. The unexplored regions can give you a more exotic feel, granting solid ground for creative ingenuity. Lastly, he ushers to have real conversations with locals since these memoirs will be stored in the library of mind and prove to be substantial when knowledge is required.

Mohit Kamboj, also known as Mohit Bharatiya, is a prime example of the metamorphic potential of travel. He taught us that travel augments our perspectives and is not just a means of escape.  We hope that every excursion fulfils the role of a blank canvas for infinite creativity and knowledge with these experiences of Mohit Kamboj. Happy travel everyone!